Term Loan

Term Loan is granted for financing Capital/Fixed Expenses of the project, on going (expansion of the existing project) and up coming projects (New projects). If the term loan is approved as a part of the project finance, the bank, normally based on the certified report of the project under construction, disburses the whole amount of the term loan on phase basis within the approved limit of the term loan. In case, the Term Loan is provided for purchase/import of plant, machinery, furniture, equipments etc., the bank may disburse the whole amount of the approved term loan in the borrower’s checking account. In both the cases the bank as far as possible makes payment directly to the exporters or suppliers by debiting the party’s term loan account.
Term loan, by nature is granted for relatively longer period, and are repayable on installment basis. Term Loan’s are provided for a certain period and shall be repaid in installments. Though term loan is granted for longer period.

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