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Nepal Credit & Commerce Bank Ltd. (NCC Bank) formally registered as Nepal - Bank of Ceylon Ltd. (NBOC), commenced its operation on October 14, 1996 as a Joint Venture with Bank of Ceylon, Sri Lanka. It was then the first private sector Bank with the largest authorized capital of NRS. 1,000 million. The Head Office of the Bank is located at Siddhartha Nagar, Rupandehi, the birthplace of LORD BUDDHA, while its Corporate Office is located at Bagbazar, Kathmandu. The name of the Bank was changed to Nepal Credit & Commerce Bank Ltd., (NCC Bank) on 10th September, 2002, due to transfer of shares and management of the Bank from Bank of Ceylon, to Nepalese Promoters.
NCC Bank completed its 20 years of banking services on October 14, 2016 and recently,  entered into a historic merger with four Development Banks – Infrastructure Development Bank Ltd., Apex Development Bank Ltd., Supreme Development Bank Ltd. and International Development Bank Ltd. The Bank started its joint transaction from January 01, 2017 has now become one of the largest private sector commercial bank. At present NCC provides banking services and facilities to rural and urban areas of the country through its 107 branches and 71 ATMs scattered all over the country from Far West to Far East.  The Bank has developed corresponding agency relationship with more than 150 International Banks having worldwide network.
Authorized Capital - Rs. 10 Billion
Issued Capital - Rs. 4.679 Billion
Paid up Capital - Rs. 4.679 Billion
The Bank is using Pumori Plus, the most commonly used software by Nepalese Banks. The Bank offers Any Branch Banking Service (ABBS) in all 96 branches. Telex and SWIFT are other modes of communication for efficient and effective transmission of information. In order to facilitate the customers with state of art technology, Bank is providing Visa Debit Card facilities. NCC VISA Debit Card can be used in any of the ATMs and POS machines displaying VISA LOGO for cash withdrawal, balance enquiry or purchase of goods & Services from various merchants like departmental stores, hospitals, retail shops etc throughout Nepal and India only. In addition, NCC VISA Debit Card enables wider access to VISA Card acceptable more than 4,00,000 ATMs and 2.5 Million Point of Sales(POS) terminals in Nepal and India. With NCC VISA Debit Card on can access one's account 24-hours a day, 7 days a week and enjoy greater convenience to facilitate one's banking and financial needs.
NCC Bank has strategic alliance with ICICI Bank, which facilitates our customers to remit their money to more than 670 locations of India through ICICI Bank branches and their correspondent Banks in India. Our customers can affect their money transfer to India either through Speed Transfer Arrangement or through Demand Draft Arrangement. Under Speed Transfer Arrangement, money can be credited on-line to the beneficiary's account at more than 400 branches of ICICI Bank, India. Under Demand Draft Arrangement, the Bank can issue draft payable at more than 670 locations in India. We are globally connected through various prominent Banks in Asia, Europe and North America like Mashreq Bank, Standard Chartered Bank, Bank of Ceylon etc. Our services across the globe include remittance, draft arrangement, import and export business, guarantee etc.