• US Dollar 1 Buying 118.15 Selling 118.55
  • Great Brt. Pound 1 Buying 153.90 Selling 155.66
  • Euro 1 Buying 135.57 Selling 137.13
  • Australian Dollar 1 Buying 83.497 Selling 84.456
  • Canadian Dollar 1 Buying 90.142 Selling 91.177
  • Japanese Yen 10 Buying 10.469 Selling 10.590
  • Singapore Dollar 1 Buying 85.014 Selling 85.991
  • Swiss Franc 1 Buying 117.92 Selling 119.28
  • Chinese Yuan * 1 Buying 16.774 Selling 16.967
  • Indian Rupees 1 Buying Selling 1.6015
  • Qatari Riyal 1 Buying 31.807 Selling 32.172
  • Saudi Arabian Riyal 1 Buying 30.905 Selling 31.260
  • Thai Baht 1 Buying 3.5963 Selling 3.6377
  • Malaysian Ringgit 1 Buying 27.912 Selling 28.232
  • UnitedArabEmirates 1 Buying 31.539 Selling 31.901
  • South Korean Won 100 Buying 10.406 Selling 10.526
  • Danish Kroners 1 Buying 17.989 Selling 18.196
  • Hong Kong Dollars 1 Buying 14.873 Selling 15.044
  • Swedish Kroner 1 Buying 13.004 Selling 13.154
  • Kuwati Dinar 1 Buying 381.50 Selling 385.88
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Himal Remit (CFS)

Himal Remit

HimalRemit, a premium online customer focused and technology oriented Money Transfer product, is brought to you by Himalayan Bank Limited - the leading joint venture bank of Nepal. Himalayan Bank is a pioneer in the field of retail money transfer business with almost two decades long customized service delivery experience in the field.

HimalRemit has the largest payment network covering all cities, towns and villages of the country and is capable of paying at more than two thousand locations across Nepal which is in ever growing trend as per the demand of local customers and service providers.

HimalRemit is a web-based online money transfer system which is featured with state-of-the-art technology. The system is highly secured and can only be accessed through authorized/registered PCs. Once a PC is registered/authorized, user can have easy access to the system ensuring prompt execution of the remittance. The product is monitored and serviced 24/7 by our Global FI & Remittance Center dedicated to deliver fast and reliable services to the customers.

  • Web based technology, direct access from our main web site
  • Provide instant updates on remittance request at the receiving end for prompt processing.
  • Manage agents and officers through central administration at Himalayan Bank.
  • Provide a secure and reliable means of remittance information.
  • Provide instant updated information to the HBL agents.
Modus Operandi

The remitting agency can transfer funds either to the beneficiary against the identification document or can credit the customer’s account maintained either with Himalayan Bank Limited or other local banks of Nepal.

The money transferred through this product will be on real time basis. The system will automatically generate RAD number. The RAD number is number generated by the system for each transaction and is unique and this becomes the main basis for payment at the receiver’s end. The RAD number consists of eleven digits.

  • The remitter will make request for fund transfer to pre-agreed location against cash deposit and he/ she is required to fill all details i.e. Name, ID number, Currency & Amount etc.
  • Based on the information provided by remitter, remitting agent shall transfer the data to the system and upon approval of transfer, RAD number will be generated by the System, which will be provided to the remitter.
  • The remitter will have to pass details of RAD number, Amount and nearest location from where money is to be collected to the beneficiary. The beneficiary will go to the pre-arranged payment location or any nearest and convenient payment location and claim the amount. The payment location will be either Himalayan Bank branch or HimalRemit agent.
  • HBL branches and HimalRemit agents, upon confirmation of RAD number and identification of beneficiary, will make the payment.
  • For the payment to be credited to the account with HBL and/ or other banks in Nepal, payment details i.e. beneficiary’s name, account number, bank/ branch name and amount etc., will be provided in HimalRemit. Based on the information in the System, HBL will arrange to make deposit to the beneficiary’s account. HBL will arrange to make deposit to beneficiary’s branch through its branch where HBL has branch or through its agent, where HBL does not have its branch.
  • Once the payment is executed, either a/c credit or ID payment, the system will update the status to paid and a confirmation SMS of the same will be sent to the remitter automatically. The system facilitates remitting agent(s) to browse the status of particular payment on the basis of RAD unique numbers.